About Therapy

The aim of therapy is to help people understand their inner world, and the influence of patterns from the past on present ways of feeling, being and relating. By gaining deeper insight into what is troubling us, we are able to begin to make constructive changes to our lives.

Please do have a look at the three minute animated video by the ‘The School of Life’ which provides a good description of why psychotherapy can be a valuable way of helping us to explore and overcome the struggles that many people face at different points in their lives.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy and counselling are effective treatments for a range of problems, including:

  • Suffering from depression
  • Feeling anxious, burned out or stressed
  • Feeling very angry
  • Experiencing overwhelming guilt or shame
  • Suffering disordered eating
  • Battling with addiction
  • Experiencing problems in the workplace
  • Struggling to make and maintain good relationships
  • Encountering obsessional thoughts or phobias
  • Having difficulties with sexuality
  • Experiencing bereavement and loss
  • Suffering from trauma
  • Struggling to find a sense of purpose
  • Difficulties adapting to change

As a Jungian analyst and psychodynamic psychotherapist, I have had experience in working with clients experiencing a wide variety of issues.

I offer both short-term and longer-term therapy. The duration of therapy depends on a client’s needs and concerns, and is something we discuss in initial sessions.