How I work


At times in our lives we can experience life as being very challenging and difficult. We might find ourselves experiencing feelings of ongoing anxiety or depression around a specific difficulty, or a persistent sense that our life is not unfolding as we want it to, in terms of relationships, work and sense of self.  

Whatever brings a person to therapy, I am interested in working alongside them to help foster a better understanding about what underlies the difficulties they are experiencing, and how they might begin to make constructive changes.

In sessions, I encourage clients to talk about what they are experiencing and feeling, and to reflect on the way past patterns might influence what is going on in their present life. As well as encouraging clients to talk, and listening carefully to what they bring to sessions, I also share my own thoughts with them.

The duration and focus of therapy will vary depending on a client’s needs and concerns, and we discuss what might work best in initial consultations.

Clare Simmonds Psychotherapy and Counselling in Beaconsfield and Central London